Instructor Training Class of 2009- Saranac, NY

Nine new instructors graduated from the held in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains June 19-21st.  They bring to the company significant patient care experience, impressive back country resumes, and varied teaching experience.  We are delighted to welcome them to the WMA family and applaud their energy, fun-loving spirit, and commitment to provide the highest quality wilderness medical training.

The group includes: 

  • Ben Dowdy, WEMT-P, Kentucky
  • April Grisetti, PA-C, WEMT, New Mexico
  • Greg Hern, WEMT-P, Massachusetts
  • Bill Miller, WEMT-P, Maine
  • Cory Morse, WEMT-P, Maine
  • Brian Patten, WEMT-B, Michigan
  • Tony Shope, WEMT-P, Nevada
  • Alan Sleight, WEMT-B, Maine
  • Rekeisha Watson, WEMT-B, Michigan

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    IT WAS A KICK IN THE……………….Pants!!!

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