The National Conference on Wilderness Medicine

mountain-destination-walsAbout the National Conference on Wilderness Medicine:

will be hosting the 23rd annual between July 29, 2009 and August 2, 2009 in Big Sky, MT. The objective of this conference is to teach both practical and theoretical skills to medical/outdoor professionals and enthusiasts. After completing this course, participants will have the knowledge to describe, assess, and  treat medical problems and emergencies that are frequently encountered in wilderness settings.

Wilderness Medical Associates’ Curriculum Director, Jeffrey Isaac PA-C, will be conducting a wilderness workshop at the conference on Technology in Wilderness Medicine and Rescue on July 31.

Wilderness Advanced Life Support (WALS)

There will be a Wilderness Advanced Life Support (WALS) course offered as an optional class between July 28, 2009 and July 31, 2009.  The Wilderness ALS course will be conducted by WMA instructors Jeff Isaac, Will Smith, and Fay Johnson.

Useful Resources on the National Conference on Wilderness Medicine:

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