Some people are insistent that smaller snakes are more dangerous. This idea has always felt counterintuitive to me. The explanations seem fanciful at best.

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If the stuff works, it seems it may reduce possible contact with blood borne pathogens to staff.

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This question came up during our Montana WALS course last week in Red Lodge.  Richard Gates from WMI reminded the lead instructor Dr. Will Smith (and us) of a report from 2006 of an unconfirmed case.  When I googled this last evening I found out that it has in fact been confirmed.  There is an…

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Sometimes you need to be careful about what you ask for, but when launching a new website, you gotta do it! We wanted to make our new site easier to navigate, chock full of wilderness medical information, and featuring real people in videos. So we asked a recent group of WMA course graduates and this…

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