Where’s the Man?: Iquitos, Peru

Submitted by Dr. David Johnson, WMA President & Medical Director. DJ in the Belen market of Iquitos, Peru. This venue winds forever along the river’s edge.  It serves the population 7 days a week, offering all manner of food, herbs, spices, wood products, alcohol and jungle remedies produced or grown in the many distant jungle communities up and down river.  Iquitos,… Read more »

Where’s the Man?: Carrefour, Haiti

Where’s the Man?: Carrefour, Haiti “I just got back from  a medical relief trip to Carrefour Haiti (suburb of Port-Au-Prince). The shot is looking over the compound I was based at. There were approximately 1500 people living in very close proximity to each other under tarps and tents.  We also treated many patients in mountain clinics… Read more »

Where’s the Man?: Arunachal Pradesh, Northeast India

The Man in Arunachal Pradesh, NorthEast India to the Myanmar border Here’s the man (or actually me wearing the famous t-shirt) in Arunachal Pradesh in the North East of India close to the Myanmar border on a 3 week hiking trip. Submit Your Entries Send an email to *protected email* with a picture of you… Read more »

‘Where’s the Man?’ Contest Continues

Last year we began the ‘Where’s the Man?’ contest and received some great entries! This year, we will be continuing to collect submissions, which will all be posted on our blog and on our Facebook page. At the end of the year, our team will review all of the pictures and captions to select three… Read more »

WMA Now Offering WEMT-I Courses

Looking to upgrade your Wilderness EMT?  How about taking the WEMT-I? Starting in May of 2010, Wilderness Medical Associates, the industry leader in wilderness medicine will begin offering the WEMT-Intermediate course.  This course is designed to expand the knowledge base and scope of currently certified Wilderness EMTs or EMTs. Wilderness EMT Course Content This course… Read more »

Q: Is it dangerous to go to altitude after a concussion?

Frequently, following a blow to the head, even without ever experiencing a concussion, people can develop a post concussive syndrome (PCS). The symptoms of PCS include headache, insomnia, feeling more tired than usual, blurry vision, light sensitivity, difficulty concentrating, feeling off balance, and emotional lability.

Where’s the Man: Winners Announced!

As you may have seen, ‘The Man’ has been traveling around the globe- climbing trees, swimming rivers, hiking trails, helping those medically needy, and even spreading some holiday cheer! It took us, in the WMA office, a long time of pawing through these amazing photographs to finally decide one which ones to select for the… Read more »