About Huyck Preserve Huyck Preserve is a non-profit organization on 2000 acres  just southwest of Albany, NY.  Along with miles of trails to hike and enjoy, there is an abundance of wildlife and natural treasures, making Huyck Preserve a wonderful place to take a wilderness medical course. “Our mission is to protect the natural beauty…

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Ann Dunphy, a lead instructor for Wilderness Medical Associates, submitted this story to us regarding a student from a recent Wilderness First Responder Training: I just needed to share a beautiful WFR story.  In the morning of day 4, my student Mike came in and told me we saved his mother’s life. He started with “Ann you…

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About the Wilderness Risk Management Conference: The 2009 Wilderness Risk Management Conference (WRMC) will be held in Durham, NC between October 14-16, 2009. The objective of this conference is to effectively educate outdoor/medical professionals and enthusiasts in relieving risks that may occur in the wilderness. This workshop is sponsored by NOLS, Outward Bound, and Student…

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Click here to watch a video from a May 2009 Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course held through Rescue Specialists in Leavenworth, WA. This video is curteousy of WMA student Edmund Tee and Lucca Criminale of Rescue Specialists.

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Summer camp and river guiding adventures are about to start!  Wilderness Medical Associates is in the thick of preparing hundreds of folks with 10 wilderness medicine courses running in the mountains of western  North Carolina. Fay Johnson (right) and I (left) are visiting WMA sponsor camps hidden in these beautiful mountains – Falling Creek Camp,…

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Click here to read a very moving article about Dr. Jonathan Martin, from Rumford, ME, reflecting on experiences and difficulties faced when he was part of the military.

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Click here for the dates of the upcoming MedWAR races! MedWAR (Medical Wilderness Adventure Race) tests your wilderness survival skills through unique events combined with adventure racing. WMA Canada instructors Dugg Steary and Mike Webster have been responsible for writing, developing, and coordinating all medical scenarios for MedWAR North for the past 5 years. Recently,…

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Click here for an article from Bowhunter that shows you 10 tips for a safe hunt!

Click here for a caption contest held by The Adventure Life.  Post your caption to the picture on the link as a comment and you will entered to win a Wet & Dry Backpack from Aquapac. Good luck!

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Click here for a great article on one of WMA’s sponsors, TrekNorth, a grade 7-12 charter school that specializes in outdoor education. TrekNorth has been a valued sponsor of WMA since 2005.

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