Click here for an article from Bowhunter that shows you 10 tips for a safe hunt!

Click here for a caption contest held by The Adventure Life.  Post your caption to the picture on the link as a comment and you will entered to win a Wet & Dry Backpack from Aquapac. Good luck!

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Click here for a great article on one of WMA’s sponsors, TrekNorth, a grade 7-12 charter school that specializes in outdoor education. TrekNorth has been a valued sponsor of WMA since 2005.

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Click here to watch a great video on Dave Ramsey and why he teaches for Wilderness Medical Associates. Dave has been instructing for WMA for over 6 years and teaches courses around the world! He is also co-owner of Backcountry Rescue Institute, Inc. located in Kentucky.

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Ben Usatch, MD, FAAEM, NREMT-P recently wrote this article for Check this out to learn more about lightning strikes. Does lightning really never strike twice in the same spot? Is it safe to touch the victim of a lightning strike? Get the answers to these questions and more by clicking here. _

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Wilderness medicine providers know that prevention and early intervention are critical to a successful day hike, camping trip, or multiple week expedition. Those same skills of prevention and early intervention are applicable to all aspects of life. Some things you probably do already (or should be) include wearing a seatbelt, not using tobacco, wearing a…

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Check out our new ‘Where’s the Man?’ feature on our wilderness blog! Share your photos and stories of you sporting your course t-shirt, featuring a Davinci-inspired man.

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Lance Armstrong fell in a bike race crash and broke his collar bone. Check out these awesome pictures and videos of him and his self-splinting as he waited for medical care.

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These are the new course t-shirts that are given to every WMA student who completes a course that is 3 or more days. Look out for them on Soon you will be able to sport ‘The Art of Wilderness Medicine’. Corrie and Justin, both office staff, make great models, don’t they?

“My name is Chris and I have recently taken the WFR class at Ohio University Dec. 13-21. I just wanted to let you know how amazing my experience was. It all started with my absolutely outstanding instructors Darren “Daz” and Gary. My attention never strayed the entire week as I listened to every word. I…