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      A Spanish version of our field guide.

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      What went right? What went wrong? Test your knowledge through two in-depth case studies.

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      The SOAP Notebook is used on all WMA International courses. It is a logical and efficient format for documenting and communicating patient assessments and treatments between medical professionals at all levels.

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      A special protective organizer for WMA Soap Notes designed and manufactured by Conterra. Made from heavy-duty nylon with velcro closures, it includes a pen holder and displays a handy reference card with lots of useful information. Measures 5 x 7. 1 set of plain paper SOAP Notes is included.

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      This is the ultimate field reference for swiftwater rescue written by industry legend Slim Ray. The guide is on water-proof paper and distills hard-won swiftwater rescue knowledge into a practical on-the-spot reference. This edition has been expanded from 52 pages to 84, including many new sections

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      The Wilderness Medical Associates Field Guide is an ideal reference tool for recreationists, outdoor professionals, and rescue specialists who've been properly trained. This spiral bound edition is lightweight and compact, printed on waterproof and tear-resistant paper, so it will withstand the rigors of use in the field even in the most extreme environments. The Field Guide covers a comprehensive body of topics and protocols that apply to medical emergencies you may encounter when resources are limited and access to urgent hospital care is delayed. This is a short list of topics included: patient assessment, common medical problems, basic and advanced life support, spine injury assessment, wound care, dislocation reduction, and improvised litters. The information is presented in a user-friendly format with supporting graphics and tables; plus the bright orange cover makes it easy to spot.

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      This comprehensive reference book clearly explains essential diagnostics and first-aid procedures necessary of wilderness injuries.

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      Drawn directly from the experiences of our expert instructors, this compilation of 32 real-life scenarios challenges you to think and organize plans for treatment. It then allows you to compare your work to the actual treatment plans and patient outcomes. updated 2014, seventh edition

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      The Wilderness Medical Associates First Aid Guide is designed for individuals who've completed training at the first aid level. The 20-panel guide folds up into a compact size, printed on tear-resistant and waterproof paper, ideal for keeping in your backpack or first aid kit when headed out into the wilderness. This guide is most effective as a follow-up tool to proper training; it should be considered as a supplement for those who find themselves treating injuries and managing emergencies in limited-resource environments. In conjunction with sound judgement and critical thinking, this guide covers the essential topics for medical providers out in the field.

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